Fundraising Facts and Initiatives

Fundraising initiatives for the Society will target costs for;

  • Public Engagement
  • Planning for Community Complex
  • Building Community Complex
  • Maintaining Community Complex for a Minimum of 3 years

Community Futures has established a community fund and has given the Society the ability to direct donations into various elements of the project

Donations for the Society can be Marked as follows:

  • “Feasibility Study”
  • “Operating Costs”
  • “Capital Project”
  • “Operating Costs of the Capital Project”
  • “General”


You and Your Family can purchase a variety of gift cards that can be spent like cash. A rebate from the sale of the gift card goes automatically back to the society. “The beauty of the Fundscrip Program is that it enables our members to give back to the community fundraising effort simply by spending money they already spend.


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